BrainSport from ZX Spectrum is back to stay


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First released in 1991, ZX Spectrum's BrainSport was a game of intelligence where you had to move each block to its corresponding place to beat levels. For those who want to remember old times or simply want to test their mental agility, this new app recreates that perfect game.

BrainSport has all 100 levels of the original and adds another 100 that are even more difficult. You'll have a blast trying to find the solutions to all the puzzles.

With each new level, you'll get points that can be used to skip a puzzle that might be too hard or to reset complicated levels and start with some advantage. You have to get points and save them on the easy levels, because the later ones will make everything a lot more difficult.

A single movement can slow down or even make it impossible to solve a puzzle, so take care as you advance through the 200 levels so you don't go crazy.
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